[linux命令] 文件目录权限
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用法:chmod [选项]... 模式[,模式]... 文件...
 或:chmod [选项]... 八进制模式 文件...
 或:chmod [选项]... --reference=参考文件 文件...
Change the mode of each FILE to MODE.
With --reference, change the mode of each FILE to that of RFILE.

  -c, --changes          like verbose but report only when a change is made
  -f, --silent, --quiet  suppress most error messages
  -v, --verbose          output a diagnostic for every file processed
      --no-preserve-root  do not treat '/' specially (the default)
      --preserve-root    fail to operate recursively on '/'
      --reference=RFILE  use RFILE's mode instead of MODE values
  -R, --recursive        change files and directories recursively
      --help		显示此帮助信息并退出
      --version		显示版本信息并退出

Each MODE is of the form '[ugoa]*([-+=]([rwxXst]*|[ugo]))+|[-+=][0-7]+'


chmod u+rw 给用户加rw权限
chmod g+rw 给用户所在的组加rw权限
chmod o+r 给其他用户加r权限
chmod o-x 给其他用户删除x权限